Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a daunting prospect. Anecdotally I’ve heard accounts of people putting 50+ hours of work into the game and yet seeing their game completion percentage still languishing below 20%. I find myself at odds with the game, simultaneously excited to delve into the seemingly unlimited depths that this game world has to offer me but yet I can’t quite shake the feeling that this is yet another game which has more content than I have time to consume. Sure, I’m going to finish the main story missions, that’s a given. But I tend to be a completionist when it comes to these open world games (I have the Platinum trophy for both Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 and am still striving to complete the percentage wheel in Batman: Arkham Knight) and the sheer amount of stuff in this game is, at this early stage, thoroughly incomprehensible and scary. The idea that I can put several days of gameplay into something and yet still not have experienced even half of the product is just scary. Theoretically, this shouldn’t be a problem. More things to do and more content is a good thing right? Yes of course, but the length of a game can be at odds with the amount of free time available to the player. I would have killed for this to be out back when I was a student in a tiny flat in Portsmouth attending ~3 lectures a week and drinking copious amounts of cheap squash. But alas, full-time employment is not conducive to the completion of a game with a fortnights worth of content. However much it pains me to say, I don’t think I’ll really get stuck into the depths of Metal Gear Solid V, but my word am I having fun scratching at its surface.